This once childhood soccer star had a promising future until he was kicked off of the team for kicking his coach's ass. This bold, barking, tattooed terror, played in punk rock bands until he debuted on the wrestling scene in 2009. Levi, dubbed The Belfast Bulldog, is as technically sound as anyone in the sport. This hooligan from the streets of Belfast uses street smarts and brute force to win matches. As pompous as they come, he loves to fight. At times, it almost seems that he doesn't care if he wins or loses, just as long as someone has been beaten up. Though he matches up well with just about anyone, he has never hesitated to use a foreign object to give himself a winning advantage. Levi McDaniel is based out of Earlham, Iowa. For serious business inquiries call (515) 718- 6968 or email

Height: 6'

Weight: 209 lbs

Nicknames:Belfast Bulldog

Billed from:Belfast, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom)

Pro Wrestling Debut: Adrenaline Pro Wrestling - January 31, 2009

Pro Wrestling Trainers:

Mad Dog Vachon Academy w/ Brian Blade & Austin Storm

Big Japan Pro Wrestling Dojo w/ Shinya Ishikawa & Great Kojika

Hybrid Wrestling Hachinohe dojo

Hisakatsu Oya

Yuki Ishikawa

Seminar w/ Akira Tozawa

Seminar w/ Yamato

Seminar w/ Delirious

Seminar w/ Rob Terry

Finishing Maneuvers: crossface, Spinning Backfist, fisherman's backbreaker Torture Rack, Tongan Death Grip, Half Crab

Signature Manuvers: Lowblow, Double Underhook Backbreaker, Asiatic Spike, Kitchen Sink, Tiger Driver 91, Iron Claw, Tomahawk chop, Bronco Buster, stun gun, piledriver

Favorite Moves: Snap Suplex, Bionic Elbow, ballbusting, foot stomping and trampling, gut punching, Boston Crab, various backbreakers,Toe Hold, Stomp To Groin, Sleeper, Fishermans Suplex, Back Suplex, Hooking Clothesline,Throat Thrusts, Various Judo Chops, Head Crush

Title's Held:

Current- IMF Tag Team Champion w/ Soulja GP

MWA Hardcore Champion

TAPW National Light Heavyweight Champion (as Fitness Jr.)

(3x) LMFP 24/7 Champion

(5x) MWA Tag Team Champion (2x Van Johnson, 2x w/ Vash Heartly, 1x w/ Austin Storm)

American Heritage Wrestling Intercontinental Champion

Midgets Women & Hardcore Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion

NLEW Tag Team Champion w/ Double T

3XW Tag Team Champion w/ Abu Colossus

Current- (2x)MWA Mid-States Champion

MWA Heavyweight Champion

MWA 2013 Hawkeye Cup Winner

Entrance Theme: Linfield Forever

Promotions worked: T-1 FIGHT (boxing, Japan); Hybrid Wrestling Hachinohe (Japan) Hokuto Pro Wrestling (Japan); Me-Gumi (Japan); RAW (Japan); Canadian Wrestling's Elite (Manitoba); Revolutionary Caribbean Wrestling (Puerto Rico); Freak Wrestling Kamenz (Germany, LMFP partnership/ associate producer); IMF (IA); True Privledge Wrestling (IL); Traditional American Pro Wrestling (KS)Trinity Wrestling America (SD); LM Fight Promotions (IA, KS); MXWA (IA); Native Wayz Entertainment (NE); Adrenaline Championship Wrestling (IL); Next Level Elite Wrestling (IL); American Heritage Wrestling (IA,NE); Midgets Women & Hardcore Wrestling (IA); Badlands Outlaw Wrestling (ND); Elite Pro Wrestling (WI); Great Plains Wrestling (KS); Live Pro Wrestling (IN); Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling (KS); LMDLL (NE); IWA Mid-South (IN); NWA Southern All Star Wrestling (TN); United States Wrestling Organization (TN); Devil Mountain Wrestling (California); Midwest Wrestling Alliance (IA,NE,SD,IL,WI); 3XWrestling (IA); Rock N' Roll Wrestling (IA, MN, ND); Elite Wrestling Initiative (ND); OCW (KS); Ultimate Wrestling Alliance (CO); NWA Top of Texas (TX) Rocky Mountain Championship Wrestling (CO); Tornado Alley Pro (OK); Pro Wrestling International (TX); Whiplash Wrestling (KS); Metro East Championship Wrestling (IL), Omaha Independent Wrestling Lucha Libre (NE), Midwest Mexican Wrestling (NE), Adrenaline Pro Wrestling (IA), Wrestling Past Present Future (IA); Upper Midwest Wrestling Entertainment (IA); Frank And Ernie's Wrestling Alliance (MO); Magnum Pro Wrestling (IA); Magnum Championship Wrestling (MI), AWWL Big Time Wrestling (MI), Undaground Wrestling (OH); IWA Productions (IL); Central Empire Wrestling (Referee)(IA); Dragongate USA (Tryout matches)(MI, IL); Half Pint Brawlers (Security)(IA); TNA Impact Wrestling (ring assistant/ stagehand)(IA); Micro Championship Wrestling (booking agent), Midgets With Attitude (booking agent); BYW (NE); High Octane Championship Wrestling (IN)